17 Jun

The significance of storytelling has been a recurring thought lately. The significance is evident in phrases like “a success story” the popular Brené Brown phrase “the story I’m telling myself is…” All art being story telling is yet another example of this significance. Books, movies, songs, paintings, pictures, podcasts, tv shows etc. all tell stories. With all that said, it remains clear to me that the most important story is the one I tell myself. The story I tell myself went from “not enough, not worthy & not lovable”. To journal pages filled with endearing, warm & loving entries from me to me. Changing the story, I tell myself remains the best result to come out of being effortful. Shout out to Mandisa Hadebe (Counselling Psychologist) for being the perfect companion to help me tell a new story to myself. It still moves me deeply that I am here. 


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