19 Jun

Lutho was beautiful, intelligent and talented. Literally the man was a Model, an Actor, a Presenter, Writer and an all-round exceptional artist. I recall my aunt whom Lutho was her only son had piles of magazines all because her beautiful son was among those pages. And being in her space to have access to those magazines was always fun for teen me. It was so exciting to walk into Woolworths and see a sizable pull up banner of him. The same excitement was present when I would see him in adverts, movies and presenting on The Style Report. Him who I admired; my excitement would never cease. What a joy!

Lutho means many things to me: 

  • He means people indeed remember how you made them feel. Jambase had the capacity to give the BEST compliments and affirmations with such generous, warm and colourful language. You walked away from a conversation with him feeling assured you are enough.
  • He means there is enough sun for all of us to shine. Lutho was so good at dreaming for other people based on what he could see in them. He would even exceed what another, frankly what I could imagine was possible for myself. 
  • He means a dynamism that draws you in, as you just admire him be. Be intelligent. Be witty. Be charismatic. Be hilarious. Be insightful. Be silly. Be the life of the party.
  • He means me now learning to be ok with what won’t ever become. We spoke about starting a Podcast for a few years. Early this year we made strides conceptualising 3 solid episodes which we would record later…but later will never come.
  • He means coming to the awareness that friends as chosen family are likely to know us deeply and profoundly than our family as a result of the autonomy to choose to share life together.
  • He means someone who shared in my misgivings of the isiXhosa culture that leads to misnamed relationships as a child born to an unwed mother. Your grandparents become mama and tata, while your mother becomes sisi or makazi. We spoke in-depth about the feelings we had on this arrangement intended to honour the "umntwana we ntombi ngowakulo ntombi" cultural practice. I had someone to explore this subject matter with till finally letting go toward neutrality. Toward okay-ness. 
  • He means a profound loss. Of him, his gifts and talents. His love. His masterful use of words. All of him.

Lala ngoxolo Msuthu. Yours was an outstanding light.

❤️ W.

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