16 Jun

Buck Matyila was doing tru fm’s Mid-Day Frequency solo with Abo Manka as Show Producer is 2019. That show made my day, countless times that year. That is the joy and impact of radio. The Xhosa Prince Charming was in his zone of genius so many times in 2019. Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps. I looked forward to 12:00 because I knew my mind would be engaged, I would be laughing & I would sometimes be talking back at the radio. And the music was SO GOOD. Shout Out to Mihlali Ngele. Part of what can serve as insight into these words of praise is that Buck Matyila was a Generator Radio Personality. Generators are the Radio Personalities who can easily work solo or with a team. They can effortlessly generate original ideas and also make the ideas of others come to life and sometimes be better with their signature spin. Generators have a powerful and independent imagination, are not overwhelmed by the starting place of nothing on the page. They grind to what eventually leads to memorable radio moments. These are some of the qualities Buck embodied with ease & lots of energy. It was key that he worked with someone who is also a generator and very committed to deliver awesome content. Abo lined up some fire conversations that showed she had a sharp eye for great content. Lastly, as a duo they had a great respect & adoration for one another. Truly a dream team! 2019 was the worst…and having their show to look forward to was meaningful to me. And the radio person in me still feels everything like it was yesterday.

I miss you so much Dawg.

 ❤️ W.

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