Zonke takes the road less traveled with 6th studio album, Embo.

This year Zonke released her 6th studio album titled Embo. The album rollout strategy has been very fascinating to me.  It has been unconventional in many ways, on April 22nd via Instagram Zonke shared that the album had BEEN complete however she wanted to release the album in vinyl. Stating that the process takes time thus the wait for her eager supporters. I recognise the collectable art element of vinyl releases. Many artists have done this and I think Zonke wants to offer that to her devoted audience. A beautiful tangible collectable piece of art. On www.zonkedikana.co.za/product/embo  you can purchase her latest offering to be mailed to you in your physical media of choice.With her calibre of success, I am certain the team has been busy since launch day. As consumer technology has changed. I am no longer among those who desire to have physical media like a CD. However I have paid enough attention to know some still desire the physical copy of their fav’s  latest music offering. If CD isn’t quite the fit, but you still like physical media, maybe her branded USB with the album would suffice as that is also available.

Digital streaming platforms are the conventional way we listen to music aside from traditional media.In that sphere, Zonke has added another bold layer to the unconventional rollout by making Embo exclusively available on Orion Music, an app currently available to Android users. It has been 6 days now since it’s launch with 100+ downloads and a mix bag of reviews from a handful of users. The fuller picture is still to developing. She shared on Instagram that Orion Music is the only legit platform where you will find and stream her new album. Encouraging her supporters to download, subscribe and enjoy. The exclusive availability of Embo on Orion Music means, Zonke’s 6th studio album is not available on Spotify that see 219,523 monthly listeners of her previous offerings. Nor is it available on Youtube Music which has 58 800 subscribers on the @zonke9352 channel. Embo cannot be experienced via Apple Music which is always credited for having the best sound quality of all the streaming platforms. Most importantly, it must be stated that streaming platforms are notorious for giving artists the short end of the stick in terms of remuneration. On May 30th 2023, the BBC reported that the British Government is discussing music streaming royalties for artists in an aim to find solutions to the exploitation of artists. The issue is chronic and global. Zonke releasing her latest offering through this alternative and trailblazing strategy enables her art to exist outside the exploitative echo-system. As a media person, I would love to get insight into the outcomes of this rollout strategy a year from now for a number of reasons. Overall, Zonke wanting to own the entire value chain of her art is ADMIRABLE and I hope she succeeds.